Interior/Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Protect your home from the harsh Florida summers.

Painting the exterior of your home not only looks great, but it is also a key part of preserving the exterior of your home from premature damage due to the Florida elements. When paint begins to chip and peel off of your exterior the surface becomes susceptible to moisture and sun damage. It is important to utilize our professional exterior painting services to have your exterior surfaces protected from these damaging elements.

We provide whole house exterior painting services to residents in St. Augustine, St. Johns & Ponte Vedra designed to protect and beautify your home.

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Stucco Cracks?

No need to worry - we can fix these. We can seal up all cracks and apply special rubberized coating to eliminate this problem and protect you home.

Sealed Tight

At Gary's Home Services we don’t just paint your house, we waterproof it too. We seal all windows, doors, hairline stucco cracks, and any other gaping.

No Shortcuts

Our crew takes the time to analyze your home’s exterior paint issues and needs and uses all the materials that are appropriate for your home’s surfaces, ensuring 100% protection.

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